i dream i am a prince

pity us,
pity the ocean,
here we go.


"I’ve never met a man who was stronger than me. Physically yes, of course, my arms are tiny little noodles, but emotionally and mentally? No. Women aren’t build stronger, but we are made stronger, forced stronger. Unfortunately through societies unnecessary hardships and oppression of women. We deal with violence, harassment, belittlement, and having our humanity stripped of us, and then we have to learn how to handle all of that and do it gracefully and learn how to protect our dignity and strengthen who are without the help of any outside forces since their all against us. Men can’t handle that. They just can’t. The world is build for them, when they don’t get their way, when the world isn’t what they assumed it should be, they dissolve, they break down, they don’t understand it and refuse to adapt. Like angry babies."
Full Ten (via eelwheel)


wearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation

"Sometimes you just gotta say the thing and let the other person deal with the thing. Working around someone’s terrible behavior while you grow to dislike them more and more and more isn’t actually kinder."